Introduction to the Madison Philosophers’ Circle

Welcome fellow philosophy lovers,

This is our “official blog”, where we will be able to put forth suggestions for books and recommendations for places to meet up at! In addition, this will serve as an online forum, in which we will be able to discuss any questions or areas of confusion related to the books we are reading which may otherwise inhibit pushing forward in the books we will be reading: sometimes when we get confused, we have a tendency to give up, assuming that we won’t understand it past that point or that it’ll be too difficult if we don’t already understand. That is why this blog is so integral – nobody should be left hanging in that situation, so this will be a great pre-discussion of the topics, and also incidentally a great way to provide a general guide/outline for the actual discussion!

Our first meetup will be on October 20th, so set the date! We will be discussing the American philosopher Daniel Dennett’s most famous book, “Consciousness Explained”. This will be the first of three discussions of this book. We’ll only be reading through chapter 5. This book is widely available online, at your local bookstore, or at your library. I’m excited to meet everyone! 


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